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Americlean, LLC is a Panhandle owned small business that is using Decon7 solution to disinfect, eliminate, and kill the COVID-19 virus. Decon7 has been developed and tested by Sandia National Lab and has been used around the world by other countries and government agencies to combat the COVID-19 virus.

If your property has been exposed to the deadly COVID-19 virus, or you want to eliminate any potential exposures, Decon7 is your answer.

D7 is a formulation that was developed at Sandia National Labs for the Department of Defense as a broad spectrum decontaminate for biological and chemical warfare agents. The formulation was called DF 200 and was used extensively by our Nations military through out our war efforts against terrorism in the Middle East. It is currently licensed by Decon7 systems. Americlean stands behind the science in the D7 formula and we can provide product and services to our West Texas families as well as other businesses that have the capabilities to apply D7.

Americlean is here for the Texas Panhandle and West Texas and want to work with everyone to eliminate and kill COVID-19. Our team of experts are here to help, and we’re just a phone call away please call for a free quote.  

806-391-3031  or  shoot us an email at americlean2001@yahoo.com

About Us

We promise quality, reliable service every time, guaranteeing our customers will feel secure in their property. We work hard to be the best. We clean and disinfect residential and commercial properties, vehicles, police units/vehicles, police department facilities, and jails, to prevent the virus from spreading. Our product is of high-quality and safe.  



Churches, Gym & Stores


Police Units, Police Departments, Jails, & Vehicles


Businesses, Schools, Offices & Homes

Experts Tell Us The Best Way to Clean a COVID-19 Area

250 Tons of Decon7 Disinfecting China's Streets and Hospitals -CoronaVirus update COVID-19

Decon7 Disinfecting China's Streets and Hospitals Dr. Tucker explains Decon7 / D7 vs Coronavirus D7 vs COVID-19 / Decon7 vs COVID-19 250 tons have shipped to China, 100 tons getting ready to ship!

El Dorado Hills first responders adopt new disinfecting protocols

The El Dorado Hills Fire Department is training crews on a new decontamination system. Decon 7 will make emergency vehicles safer to transport people in and safer for firefighters to respond with. Get the full story in the video above.

Carson County cleans jail with COVID-19 killing disinfectant

Carson County had Americlean LLC Amarillo, a local cleaning business, come in and demonstrate the cleaning agent, Decon7, a disinfectant that can eliminate pathogens down to the molecular level. 

Scottsdale company receives EPA designation for solution that helps to combat, kill COVID-19

Disinfectants and hand sanitizers are hot items right now amid the coronavirus. FOX 10's Ty Brennan visits Decon7 in Scottsdale and talks to the chief scientific officer who helped develop at solution that recently got an EPA designation for helping to combat and kill COVID-19.

Scottsdale business booming, selling coronavirus disinfectant

Decon7 Systems says it's been around for about 20 years, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused business to boom.

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